Hooray For Earth – Momo


Hooray For Earth are a synth pop outfit based in New York City and Cambridge, MA.

Though I admit that I’m a newcomer to Hooray For Earth’s music, I’m no less impressed with their latest release, Momo. Combining a sound somewhere between Deerhunter and Foreign Born, Hooray For Earth have seemed to have carved a niche of their own among other indie pop experimentalists. Indie rock/pop has had quite a few contributors over the years, but while more popular bands have opted to drift towards a more experimental sound (Animal Collective, Atlas Sound), Hooray For Earth have opted to stay focused primarily on their ability to craft poppy, synth-driven songs with catchy melodies without compromising their indie-cred.

Speaking of indie-cred, my only complaint about Momo is the stand-alone, Scaling. Scaling (track 4 of 5) is officially their indie-cred song and incidentally, the worst thing about Momo. Now, I don’t really feel like berating the whole EP because of one lousy track, but it is after all 20% of the record and the reason I couldn’t score this closer to a 9 or 10. But despite nearly falling on their face and effectively losing me as a listener completely, they recover nicely with Form– a fun, anthem-like song that, just like all great closers, leaves you wanting more.

Even though Momo came in at the end of 2009, its nonetheless one of last year’s best synth-pop albums… 8.4/10

MP3: Surrounded By Your Friends