Beach House – Teen Dream


Beach House are an indie/experimental band from Baltimore, MD.

When Beach House came onto the indie scene 4 years ago, they instantly caught my attention. I downloaded their self-titled record straight away after I heard and loved ‘Apple Orchard‘. I loved their original vocal style, their keyboards and most of all, their simplicity. They are quite literally echo-y vocals, keyboards, sprinkled guitars and a drum machine. Thats it. My biggest problem was the fact that nearly every song  was slower-paced, dragged on and on and worst yet, just sounded the same to me. 2 years later, Devotion came out and I decided to give them another chance because I heard and loved their single, ‘Gila‘. Yet again my hopes were quickly dashed by the same slow-paced and little variation of their first album. Sure, there were a couple of noteworthy tracks on each album, but mostly they were full of sweet, echo-y afterthoughts. If only they’d just try a little harder, they could be so awesome. Oh well…

So 2010 rolls around and Teen Dream comes out. At this point, I’m not sure why I’m trying anymore. I mean, they’re just going to let me down again, right? Wrong… and I’ve never been so glad to be wrong. Teen Dream is exactly what I always hoped Beach House could do. The difference this time around only begins with a better variation of slower-paced songs to faster ones. Well, faster for Beach House anyway. They’ve also written songs with brighter melodies and the contrast of their dreamy vocals and guitars to the slightly faster tempos are something I can’t help but admire. Beach House has taken a great, simplistic idea, worked on their melodies, picked apart their song structures and as a result have realized their potential. Its what great bands do… and now Beach House is one of those bands.

A more balanced piece of work that lets Beach House’s best qualities shine… 9.6/10

MP3: Norway

MP3: Lover Of Mine

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