Small Black/Washed Out Split EP


Small Black and Washed Out are electro/experimental/new wave bands from Brooklyn, NY and Perry, GA respectfully.

Even though this will probably be the shortest EP or album that we’ll ever review on this site, I felt it was worth mentioning… mostly because I’m a fan of both bands and I didn’t get this site up and running in time to review both of their records.

Washed Out’s sound is electro/new wave that blurs the line between 80s pop and modern synth pop. In effect, they took from the 80s what we liked about them and left the rest behind. Small Black’s sound is basically in the same vein, but in a more droned and lo-fi light. Each band remixes a song by the other and as a result, makes the other better. Its as if we get a fairly cohesive representation of what they would sound like if they were a single band. Unfortunately, we’re only given 2 songs and a live performance by Small Black to really get an idea of it before its all over. Other than it being far too short, its wonderful stacked on wonderful.

A split EP that truly captures the envelopment of 2 bands into 1… 9.7/10

MP3: Washed Out – You’ll See It (Small Black Remix) Small Black/Washed Out EP

MP3: Small Black – Despicable Dogs from Small Black EP

MP3: Washed Out – New Theory from Life of Leisure

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