Errors – Come Down With Me


Errors are an electronic-based instrumental post-rock band from Glasgow, Scotland.

Errors‘ sound starts somewhere around instrumental rock in the vein of Mogwai(owns Rock Action to which they’re signed) and takes a sharp turn towards synth-pop, stopping just short of ‘pop’ and instead turns to focus on synthesizers and mixed drum use(drum machines + drums) to anchor their sound. Sprinkle-in a few guitar loops and subtle sound effects and the result is a library of music with a deep, driving quality that is rarely predictable.

The evolution of Errors’ sound over the last 4 years didn’t really change much on their first couple of 7-inches and EP(Hans Herman, How Clean Is Your Acid House?, Salut! France). They maintained a pretty straight-forward formula that mainly emphasized a leaning towards a more beat-oriented style with light elements of post-rock. Then in 2008 they released their first LP, It’s Not Something But It Is Like Whatever and their new path was clear: They would still maintain a clear leaning towards synth-dance but with more of an incorporation of post-rock. As I said previously, this was something I didn’t see coming but I thought it worked well and was amazed at how well it all came together.

This brings us to 2010 and Come Down With Me. Whatever post-rock was incorporated before is now thoroughly entrenched in their sound and is now the focus of most of their efforts on this LP. While they haven’t lost their mostly beat-oriented style entirely, it almost seemed a logical next step in their creative evolution. Though their songs have changed slightly in favor of a more traditional rock style, their typically diverse pace of tracks remains intact and the result is an album that has a flow that never misses a step while taking you up and down with tempos and crescendos that keep you guessing where they’ll go next. I suppose that if you were listening to Errors strictly for how much you could play them in your nightclub, this will disappoint you. If instead you were listening to them for how much diversity and depth they bring, this won’t be a sock in the stomach for you in the least.

With their ever-continuing nonconformity, Errors deliver a solid record that lives up to the standards they set for themselves on previous efforts… 8.9/10

MP3: A Rumour In Africa

MP3: Supertribe