Sambassadeur – European


Sambassadeur are an indie pop band from Gothenburg, Sweden.

Taking cues from bands like The Postmarks and The Clientele, Sambassadeur’s sound is mainly driven by 60′s era orchestration, bold bass lines and a wall of sound that come together to form blissful indie pop. Add Anna Persson’s uniquely delicate vocals and there you have it.

This particular record, their 6th, is also their most consistent. While previous LPs played with all of the orchestral elements you hear on this album, European does a better job as a complete work making each song flow into the next flawlessly. All of this might be enough to make you want to listen over and over, but frontwoman Anna Persson’s full voice and compelling lyrics are what really put this album over the top. Whether its Albatross’, ‘I was happier alone/Cut my hair just like a boy‘ or ‘Framed like stories of a long time ago/You sit inside it watching all the days go by‘ from Forward Is All, European‘s lyrics are sentimental and beautiful without becoming melodramatic. Compliment each track with atmospheric and dreamy instrumentation and European keeps you coming back for more.

While earlier releases hinted at greatness, European solidifies Sambassadeur as one of Sweden’s finest imports and one of this year’s biggest surprises…9.8/10

MP3: Days

MP3: Albatross