Snowden – Slow Soft Syrup EP


Snowden are indie rock band from Atlanta, GA.

Snowden‘s sound hovers somewhere between experimental rock bands like Film School and I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness with ethereal guitar-driven melodies capped off with echo-ey vocals. But what really sets them apart is using that combination of reverb-heavy distortion and breathy vocals to hypnotize the listener with an uncanny ability that surpasses most within the genre.

Their 2006 debut, Anti-Anti was easily one of the best records of that year and introduced us to their unique brand of indie rock with all of the elements I mentioned previously. It was welcomed shift from their Licorice EP which preceded Anti-Anti and featured 4 Christmas songs that were simply, well, awful.

Slow Soft Syrup picks up where Anti-Anti left off and blends all of their trademark qualities into this nearly flawless work. Each track seamlessly drifts into the next and Snowden doesn’t leave anything on the table. Its everything I hoped their follow-up would sound like even though it was 4 years in the making. And the best part? They’re giving it away for free and I included a link to it on the bottom of the page. So whats not to love?

Snowden hasn’t missed a step in 4 years and Slow Soft Syrup is the proof… 9.6/10

MP3: Don’t Really Know Me

Album: Slow Soft Syrup EP