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The end of last year and the beginning of this year has been fairly busy with artists frequently releasing albums… presumably so they could have something new to bring to SXSW in Austin, TX. Mostly I’ve had plenty to get excited about and as a result, I’ve written at a pretty even pace. Its also pretty obvious that when you scroll down this page, you see me writing glowing review after glowing review. But where are the records that I didn’t think much of? This post covers those disappointments.

Tristeza – Fate Unfolds: I’ve been following Tristeza for about 10 years and every time they release something new, there seems to be less and less fanfare involved– By the time I found out that this even existed, it had already been out a month. Tristeza have gradually shifted on every album in a slightly different direction so its always hard to predict what they’d come up with. Fate Unfolds, though it retains much of what I’ve come to love from Tristeza, ultimately bored me. There was a decent flow to the record and their experimental elements caught my attention from time to time, but what really set it back was that they couldn’t keep my attention. Other than the opening song and 1 or 2 tracks in the middle, nothing stood out. No matter how much I listen to this, I don’t wanna keep listening. Interesting, but nothing compared to the rest of their work… 6.2/10


The Album Leaf – A Chorus Of Storytellers: The Album Leaf is the solo project of Jimmy LaValle from Tristeza. I have to admit that I’ve never completely signed on to what he’s done in his solo career mostly because Tristeza is so much of a leap beyond it. A Chorus Of Storytellers is why I stopped paying attention to Album Leaf projects in the first place. First of all, he sings which is something he doesn’t do with Tristeza. And let me be clear: He absolutely shouldn’t. He’s a very talented songwriter, but he can’t sing. I had hoped that he’d give it up altogether and focus primarily on songwriting but apparently that was not to be. He doesn’t sing on every track and thats the only thing keeping me from totally throwing this under the bus. Overall, its not terrible but its definitely not remarkable either. If you can get over or like(?)the vocals, this would be nice to fall asleep to…4.9/10

MP3: Falling From The Sun

MOONFACE – Dreamland EP: MOONFACE is the solo project of Spencer Krug from Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown and Swan Lake. Spencer Krug always seems to be writing songs. It seems like he dedicates himself to one of his bands exclusively to write-for and tour-with for a particular year. Now with MOONFACE, Krug has written a single, 20-minute song entitled ‘Marimba and Shit-Drums’ and released it through Jagjaguwar. The name pretty much says it all. Its marimba, drums(shitty? not exactly), keyboards and vocals… though I have to admit that I’m not completely familiar with what a marimba sounds like offhand. I believe he used a keyboard-synthesized marimba… no matter. The point is, its a better concept than a song. Its basically just a drawn-out symphonic piece that really could’ve been taken apart and used in a Sunset Rubdown song. But no, we instead have a very long song that goes nowhere. Hmph…5.6/10

Download: Dreamland EP

The Seven Fields of Aphelion – Periphery: The Seven Fields of Aphelion is the solo project of Maureen Boyle from Black Moth Super Rainbow. Playing keyboards behind BMSR for the last few years, Boyle set out on her own in this debut album. However, if you were maybe expecting something along the lines of her main project or even her other bandmate, TOBACCO, you’ll be quite surprised at what you hear next. Periphery mostly consists of reverbed keyboards and airy effects. Beyond that, there isn’t much more to it. I somewhat expected it to be a purely ambient record, but I was a little let down by how simplistic these songs really were. I have a lot of ambient music, but since she’s done so much more with BMSR, I really expected more…6.0/10

MP3: Mountain Mary

Aloha -  Home Acres: Aloha is an experimental band from mulitple cities from around the U.S.. Home Acres is the 7th album in their 11yr history and since then they’ve pretty much put out records every 2 years and seem to change ever so slightly every album to make things interesting. Unfortunately, the problem with them being around as long as they have is that they’ve established a predictable sound to the point that it doesn’t sound like they’ve really grown this time. To me, it sounds exactly like their previous album. I hate to say that they’ve peaked, but I don’t know how else to say it. That being said, for the first time I’m not impressed with them. Its a very predictable record and though they definitely deserve another chance in the future, I’ll be more skeptical the next time…6.4/10

MP3: Waterwheel

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  2. Thank you. Maybe I should highlight more musical failures in the future. Besides, those are a lot easier to write because its far easier to point out what went wrong than doing what you said everyone else does: Give literary blow-jobs to musicians they’ll never meet.

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