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The Radio Dept. are an electro/dream pop band from Stockholm, Sweden.

Not to be confused with their upcoming full-length Clinging To A Scheme, Heaven’s On Fire is the single from that record that includes the title track, a Sade cover and a brief instrumental entitled, In America. Heaven’s On Fire is a brilliantly composed and executed track and is a definite standout from Clinging To A Scheme as well as here. Their cover of Sade’s All About Our Love is a slightly catchy rendition of a song that quite honestly I didn’t know I wanted to hear covered by anyone, let alone The Radio Dept.. In America is a brief  instrumental song, but more than that its a statement about America; namely that we overuse rock and roll to a fault. A British chap says, ‘You see England doesn’t have that much of an obsession with rock and roll. In America, everything is rock and roll. You know? You can’t even be anywhere without it being a rock and roll event, can you?’ As an American, yeah, he’s right. Its organizers and advertisers catering to what they think the youth of this country want to hear so they can ultimately get their money… which coincides with what the guy in the beginning of Heaven’s On Fire says about rock n’ roll and youth culture that you hear at the beginning of the song. So even though this is merely a 7 and 1/2 minute long EP, they’re sending a clear message: Support independent music and artists. A noble cause, in my humble opinion.

A brief glimpse of Clinging To A Scheme that only heightens the anticipation…8.0/10

MP3: Heaven’s On Fire

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