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Tobacco is an electro-experimentalist and one of the founding members of Black Moth Super Rainbow.

Before Tobacco‘s debut LP came out in 2008, it was preceded by a DVD in 2007 entitled Fucked Up Friends. That particular DVD contained videos that he pieced together himself of workout videos, b-movie clips and home videos from the 70s, 80s and 90s that coincided with his electro/experimental music and were the same type and in many cases the same videos featured during his live performances with BMSR and as himself. The results were horrifying, hilarious, weird and altogether awesome. He then released his debut album of the same name the next year. It contained most of the songs from that video as well as a handful of others and was a distinct departure from Black Moth Super Rainbow in that it was exclusively focused on his unique, beat-driven experimentalism with only a smattering of vocals now and again. Not only did it set him apart from BMSR, in a way it pioneered a sound that I’ve yet to hear anything like from anyone else.

The sequel to his first video, Fucked Up Friends 2(a tour exclusive that is both a DVD and a Blu-ray), is in all ways equally horrifying, hilarious and altogether weird. Although, I think that this time he really surpassed himself in the weird category. Whether it was the people having sex with an alien that looked exactly like E.T. or the clips from Don’t Go In The House, I have to say that the visuals from this video slightly edged the first one in that department. Plus, the scene with ‘Mark’ explaining how to watch a video with 3D-image technology from the 80s was endlessly entertaining. The songs that were featured during all of this were primarily from his upcoming LP, Maniac Meat… although there were a couple songs from his first album included that apparently didn’t make it in time for his first DVD.

Its probably safe to say that Fucked Up Friends 2 will most likely blow your mind visually and musically, which by my count more than makes it worth your time… 9.0/10

MP3: Sweatmother from Maniac Meat

Side 8 from Fucked Up Friends 1

Hawker Boat from Fucked Up Friends 1

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