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True Blood Mixtape

Like most people, I believe in a whole host of mythical creatures. So, its not unusual that someone like me might get caught up in all of the endless vampire hype and latch-on to the undead much like they might latch-on to an attractive blonde on a moonlit night. Well… thats not true. You see, all of what I just said is actually bullshit. And I say all of this in small type instead of BOLD letters as to not upset the angry hordes of daydreaming housewives and over-emotional teenagers who are obsessed with those sexy, sexy vampires and that probably don’t give 2 shits about this blog post. The thing is, there is an important exception to all of the werewolf and vampire series out there. True Blood.

Now, you might be saying to yourself,’Well, I’ve never seen True Blood and I don’t have to. I know it sucks without having to watch it because its about vampires’. This was your first mistake. Yeah, True Blood is about vampires but remember, this is HBO we’re talking about here. Did the Sopranos suck because it came after The Godfather? No. Did Curb Your Enthusiasm suck because it took 7 seasons to include Jerry Seinfeld on the show? Hardly. Did Tales From The Crypt suck because… well, okay I can’t defend that one. What a piece of shit!

True Blood, unlike Tales From The Crypt, is HBO perfecting horror. Sure mistakes were made, but hey, so long as they don’t bring the crypt keeper on as Sookie’s new boyfriend, HBO and I will stay on good terms.

In the meantime, while you’re waiting for the newest episode to come on, I’ve assembled a themed mixtape about vampires, werewolves and other True Blood related material because really, the songs on that show suck. Enjoy.

Side A

Starlight by At The Drive-In

All The Way To The Bloodbank by Blaster The Rocket Man

Nosferatu Man by Slint

Post Coitus Rock by Joan of Arc

Beating by Silver Scooter

Side B

American Werewolf by Blaster The Rocket Man

Sucker And Dry by Cursive

Trailer Trash by Modest Mouse

She’s Hearing Voices by Bloc Party

You Only Live Twice by Bjork

Lo-Fi: Get The Fuck Over It

Hi. Its understandable in today’s modern music landscape to overlook the other types of music out there. What with musicians dressing-up like super villains and some of these same entertainers simultaneously distorting their voice electronically in ways I personally can do by simply flicking my throat whilst speaking, its also understandable that the casual music-listener tends to focus on all of the shiny bullshit while ignoring what other music is out there.

Now, I don’t wanna make this into some elaborate social commentary or anything, I only want to highlight a series of reviews I read about a Lo-Fi band recently. What the fuck is Lo-Fi, you ask? Lo-Fi, or Low Fidelity is a term used to describe music in which the sound is of a lower quality than the usual standard. The sound tends to be a bit washed out and when used at it’s optimal level, creates a specific artistic branding. And it doesn’t have to be limited to a specific type of music either. For example:


Animal Collective

Experimental indie rock with a Beach Boys-type twist

MP3 Derek


Washed Out

Aptly named electronic artist whose sound is also quite washed out

MP3 Good Luck


Dum Dum Girls

Slacker girl post-punk

MP3 Bhang Bhang I’m A Burnout

…and so many more. But my specific comments are on the last of these examples and their newest LP, I Will Be. Now, I’m not going to say I’m a big fan or even a casual fan of Dum Dum Girls, but I am going to stick up for them in response to the bad ‘reviews’ they got on a popular site recently. Well, I’ll let them speak for themselves…


With all the technology out there enabling musicians to make good recordings, there’s no excuse for the lousy quality here. It doesn’t enhance the “indie-punk” quality, it just make it sound like it was recorded in a closet (the one pictured?) on a little tinny analog recorder. Ugh. Give this a miss.


“Poor Recording”

I can’t say if I like this or not, the quality of the recording is so poor I can’t listen to the music

or the wonderfully coherent

“Worst song”

This is one of the worst songs I have ever heard. It’s hard to believe someone would listen to this.

This is the problem I’ve always had with mainstream music. If people haven’t heard it replicated before, they think theres something wrong with it. And if someone from the mainstream adopts it, all of a sudden they’re innovators of artistry. But this is the way its always been with music. Whether its Elvis stealing from black people, Michael Buble stealing from Sinatra, or Lady Gaga stealing from the Power Rangers, its not going to stop anytime soon.

My point is, don’t be afraid to embrace something that sounds different. After all, variety is spice of life and once you’ve taken salt and pepper off the table, all you’re left with is bland, runny mounds of yellowish chicken mush.