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Catch-Up, Ketchup Or Catsup

If you come by here from time to time, you’d have noticed the considerable lack of actual reviews lately. Mostly I’ve been using my time off to catch-up on my Mad Men DVDs and hog-tie hobos and blow them up with dynamite on Red Dead Redemption. You know, guy shit. But during that break I also had a chance to listen to a lot of new and noteworthy albums. So many in fact that I’ve had to narrow it down from 15 records to a top 5. Besides, who wants to hear about the last few months without highlights? Not this guy.

Depreciation Guild: Spirit Youth– In the tradition of electronic shoegazers like The Radio Dept., Depreciation Guild which showed immense promise on their debut, In Her Gentle Jaws, have finally realized their potential with Spirit Youth. From start to finish whether you’re looking for hooky guitars, subtle synthesizers or dreamy vocals in your electro dream pop, this album is one of the best. I had big expectations for this record and they absolutely surpassed them in every respect. Well fucking done…9.8/10

Depreciation Guild – Blue Lily

TOBACCO: Maniac Meat– It seems like I talk endlessly about this guy. If you haven’t read anything on this website, let me sum up: Tobacco is an innovative electro experimentalist who is also a founding member of Black Moth Super Rainbow. After Fucked Up Friends, Tobacco was going to have a bit of trouble following up something that off-the-wall, catchy, beat-heavy and altogether hard to understand. And thats exactly why I love this guy. I can’t figure out exactly what he’ll come up with next. But one thing is for certain: You’ll know its Tobacco when you hear it. Seldom do you hear something thats as distinct as this. And with Beck guest-starring on 2 different tracks, you have yet another reason to explore this record and figure out just what the hell is going on inside of this guy’s head…8.7/10

TOBACCO - Mexican Ice Cream

Deastro: Mind Alter EP– After writing a few songs(like 200, I think) Randolph Chabot aka Deastro has decided to follow up his sugar rush-induced sophomore LP Moondagger, with a toned-down and relaxed Mind Alter EP. Now, if you’ve followed Deastro’s releases at all, this won’t surprise you in the least. In fact, Moondagger was more of an anomaly than this release. Mind Alter EP is Chabot going back to the basics in many respects and not so much slowing things down as much as doing what he does best. The only difference this time is that hes signed to Ghostly and actually making some money rather than giving it away for free. Overall, when considering all of this, it didn’t particularly blow me away but it did keep me coming back for more which is a quality he’ll never lose so long as he stays true to his roots… which this EP truly does…7.4/10

Deastro - Mowgli The Lynx

Mountain Man: Made The Harbor– The concept behind this ‘band’ is almost too simplistic. Imagine three women singing acapella with an acoustic guitar to original folk songs in the vein of Joanna Newsome or Alela Diane. Thats it. No, really. For me what really makes a song worth listening to, no matter how simplistic, is if the artist can hypnotize you to a point where you forget where you are and all that there is is the moment of that song. Multiply that by 13 and you have this record. Completely surprising and positively stunning…8.9/10

Mountain Man - Animal Tracks

Magic Bullets: Magic Bullets– For a band on their 2nd LP and 3rd release overall, its kinda weird that they’d only now have a self-titled album. I guess thats just me thinking aloud. Yes, this is Magic Bullets‘ 2nd full-length and if you’re not familiar with them, lets just say that they’re a modern version of The Smiths. I hate to limit them like that, but this record forced me to do it. Their first 2 records actually stood on their own and although I could definitely hear a Smiths influence, it wasn’t nearly as apparent as it is now. That isn’t to say that this isn’t a decent record because it totally is. The thing is, compared to their previous albums, it falls a bit short at times. I think the biggest shortcoming of this album was my preconception of it. What I’m trying to say is that they led me on and they broke my heart– just a little. I’m not sure if this is just a moderately-paced version of themselves or if this is their new general direction, but I do know one thing: I like their previous work more…7.2/10

Magic Bullets - Lying Around