30 Sep 2010 @ 2:59 PM 

With bands going on tour, we can always expect them to bring extra merchandise with them. This month we have Depreciation Guild and Twilight Sad touring around and they’ve decided to bring a couple of new EPs with them. Both are promoting new(ish) full length records but its always nice when they bring dessert too.

The Depreciation Guild: Blue Lily– Anything The Depreciation Guild wants to give up as an extra will always be welcomed with a smile. After writing one of the best records of the year on Spirit Youth, any B-sides would be hoped for if not anxiously anticipated. Their Blue Lily B-side features one of my favorites from their full-length that I fully expected to be a headlining single. The second accompanied song, Its Only A Matter Of Time, My Love has as much energy and heart as anything on Spirit Youth and a perfectly featured song for this. Excellent…10/10

The Twilight Sad: The Wrong CarThe Twilight Sad have put out some very quality records in their short life-span. Their 2 LPs are among some of my most highly-played music and I’m always interested in what they might come up with. I am, however, somewhat skeptical when it comes to their EPs… mostly due to their frequency of reusing tracks by putting out live versions of them and just 1 or 2 new songs. Basically its annoying to have to check to see if I already have a song before I download it. The Wrong Car EP has 2 new tracks and 2 remixed songs by Mogwai and Errors. Their 2 new tracks are trademark Twilight Sad: Brooding, melodic, shoegazer in their guitar drones and loud. Their 2nd track is a bit repetitive, but the title track is pretty solid. Mogwai‘s remix is okay, but then again, I really loved the original and I tend to be a purist on things I love. The Errors remix had the same effect on me: Not really my thing even though I love just about everything they do. Overall, if you like The Twilight Sad, you’re probably going to like this. If they’re new to you, avoid this and instead opt for Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters or Forget The Night Ahead6.0/10

The Depreciation Guild – Blue Lily

The Twilight Sad – Reflection Of The Television (Errors Remix)


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