14 Oct 2010 @ 8:45 PM 

This November 2nd will mark the release of yet another Elliott Smith record. No, this isn’t anything new like New Moon‘s ‘lost’ tracks or even an unfinished album like From A Basement On A Hill… although coincidentally, Kill Rock Stars re-released it earlier this year. No, its merely a quick introduction to Elliott Smith. A brief, ‘Hello, I used to write great music, but now I’m dead. But don’t let that stop you…’ snapshot of Smith’s life through some of his best works… or at least someone’s opinion of his best work. This is my problem with people putting these out. Look, I know his family doesn’t wanna work for a living so they put out ‘greatest hits’ records every 2 or 3 years, I get that. Working for a living sucks. My problem is that these sort of records only give a narrow scope of his work. I personally have 78 tracks by him and if I had to pick a handful of songs for a record like this I’d say, ‘No, I’m not going to do that. Thats artistically dishonest, not to mention lazy’. But I suppose everyone is a bit lazy nowadays. That being said, this is actually going to be stocked with some quality tracks. So, if you’re new to Elliott Smith and you’re wondering why everyone speaks so highly of a dead guy even after 7 years, you could probably do a lot worse than An Introduction To… Elliott Smith. But really, just fucking download any one of his original LPs. I’m not saying you have to pay for it, I’m merely saying you should really be as big a fan of his as I am and thats the best way for it to happen. Thats all. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to finish polishing my Elliott Smith statue… In the meantime, please enjoy my top 5 songs by him in no particular order.


Junk Bond Trader

Needle In The Hay

Oh Well, Okay

Waltz #2

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