28 Oct 2010 @ 8:33 PM 

After a brief wait… scratch that. After several years, Saddle Creek records have finally decided to re-release Desaparecidos’ first full-length record AND the 7-inch single together on vinyl for the low low… scratch that, moderate price of $15. And who are Desaparecidos, you ask? Well they’re one of Conor Oberst’s post-punk projects that I personally liked more than Bright Eyes– his primary project. The other project that preceded it, Commander Venus, was very similar but Desaparecidos was that idea perfected. Why they changed their name, I don’t know. Personally I like Commander Venus better. Thats not the point, my point is that when Desaparecidos didn’t put out another album(like they were supposed to), I was really let down. So the fact that this is the first major news from them in… lets say, 8 years… is really all the reason I needed to talk about them today. So take a listen and reacquaint yourself for the first time with Desaparecidos and what the hell, I’ll throw in a couple of Commander Venus songs while I’m at it.

Desaparecidos – Read Music / Speak Spanish

Man and Wife, The Latter

Happiest Place On Earth

Commander Venus: The Uneventful Vacation

Jean’s T.V.

Commander Venus – Saddle Creek Sampler

Bent On Broken Nerves


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