18 Feb 2011 @ 1:44 PM 


Usually I have to listen to an album a few times before I feel I can adequately express how I feel about it. Sometimes all it takes is one listen. This record is the latter.

Anything Radiohead puts out from now until their bitter end will be met with elation from nearly every blogger out there. I think if you’ve read any number of review sites, you’d realize that. This is part of the genius of Radiohead and why King Of Limbs exists. You see, not everyone can write an album in a week and turn around and sell it for $48. That takes genius. For that reason alone, they deserve to be rich. So bravo, Radiohead. Bravo.

But some of you might say,’But the packaging is made out of newspaper! Newspaper and vinyl is something that has never been done before other than by a hobo!’ And granted, maybe King Of Limbs is part art project, part music… thing. And really, this record would make a lot more sense if it was to launch their career into an abstract art band. THAT would be innovative and THAT would be interesting. You might even say it was OK Computer innovative and interesting. But as a work of music, no.

Lets just say that if you’ve heard Thom Yorke’s solo album, you’ve heard this. Clicking beats, ambient synths, ambient vocals, repeat. Multiply that times 8, wrap it in colorful newspaper and ship. That’ll be $48, suckers.

In closing, let me just say,’Really Radiohead? Wow. Fuck you too.’


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  1. tim sarassa says:

    How could an album thjs abstract and dense be revealed to you in one listen? No wonder you gave it such a low rating, you know nothing about the album. You could argue the one listen review method for a Trace Adkins or Christina Aguillera record but for a Radiohead record? Fuck you. You havent even seen the newspaper album, none of us have!

  2. Spoken like a true apologist. You may have been able to delude yourself about this album, but you haven’t convinced me. We appreciate your feedback.

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