01 Mar 2011 @ 10:42 AM 

Solar Bears have not only been mixing and remixing their own songs, they’ve also seen fit to remix a few of their friends’ songs as well. From FUR to Keep Shelly In Athens, they’ve been busy over the last few months and these are the fruits of their labor. All 4 tracks demonstrate the moodiness we best associated them with on She Was Coloured In as well as keeping the original songs in full mind. And soon after, Keep Shelly In Athens decided to return the favor and remix Cub because after all– what are friends for?

FUR – Friends (Solar Bears Remix)

Cub (Keep Shelly in Athens remix)

And some unreleased remixes…

Keep Shelly In Athens – Running Out Of You (Solar Bears Remix)

Sun Airway – American West (Solar Bears Remix)

FUR – Clears Throat (Solar Bears Remix)


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