Björk Is Tropical

Personally, I don’t really care for music videos. I don’t need something to occupy my eyes while I’m listening to music. Or more importantly, I think most of the time videos are a visual distraction from what a song actually sounds like. Think about it. If you ‘see’ a song for the first time that you liked, will you remember how it sounded an hour later? Probably not. If you ‘hear’ a song for the first time and you like it, will you remember it an hour later? Probably, but theres no guarantee, right? Well, enter the music video. Maybe you’ll walk away remembering us for what we showed you if nothing else. And maybe, just maybe we’ll have convinced you to buy this band’s stuff. Don’t think you’ve been affected by it? Ever heard of Lady Gaga? Of course you have…

Now that I’ve broken your perception of music videos, you might be asking yourself,’Is there any art in music videos? Sure theres a stupid song playing here, but can I still appreciate the scenery’? Of course you can. Take for example, IS TROPICAL‘s The Greeks. The imagery is cinematic, the content is disturbing but above all, its memorable. If it wasn’t, nobody would know who IS TROPICAL was. As a song its decent, but as a whole it doesn’t really hold up to the quality of the video. As a work of art, the animation is meticulous and the director deserves more credit than anyone. Watch and enjoy.

The Greeks

Its been a few years since Björk has poked her head out and done something musically. Usually it takes her 3 or 4 years to write her records anyway, so I was pretty much expecting something this year or next. Its not clear when she’ll be releasing Biophilia, but she’ll be debuting it on June 30th at the Manchester International Festival, so most likely very soon after that I would guess. In the meantime, she has released this video of herself driving down the road listening to her own song. I don’t really know why exactly, but here it is. It only lasts 33 seconds, but for her devoted fans I’d imagine its very much welcomed.

Solar System


  • if you like The Greeks video, you should watch Tune Yards – Bizness

    I like your opinion – I really want to see what you think of it :)

  • Very imaginative. I liked the choreography… which I don’t usually comment on unless its as cool as it was. I just liked the energy of the whole thing. Interesting song too… I really liked their idea of layering their vocals mixed with the bass and drums. Very nice indeed. And while I was at it, I checked out 4AD’s channel and enjoyed myself a little Blonde Redhead too. I forgot how much I liked their last album.

    Thanks for the recommendation!

  • Bizzness has a free itunes download I think on their site. I haven’t seen the little Blonde redhead video, Ill have to go look. I agree with your comments on the video :) I think the choreography is amazing in this video-
    Ill watch for more of your blogs on here! I had to be creative but I found them! ;)