The Right Time To Close Your Eyes

New Braid? Oh yes. Few bands have had as much influence on emo over the years as much as Braid and later, Hey Mercedes, have. And now they’re back. Sure its been 11 years, but August 16th has never been closer than it is right now. Perhaps that’s why they’ve entitled it Closer to Closed… we may never know. Either way, if they decide to make another go of being a band and make a couple more records, maybe I’ll be able to wear one of their old shirts without being mistaken as Brad. Look, its not Brad, its Braid! They’re a band! Why would I wear a shirt with my name on it anyway? Stupid waitress…

The Right Time

Also, Washed Out. His first official full length is just a mere month away and we couldn’t be happier here. Its difficult to not be excited, but we’re trying anyway. After a couple of exceptional EPs and a smattering of singles, it will be interesting to see what variance he can bring to an LP. Within and Without and its sexy, sexy cover comes out July 12th.

Eyes Be Closed

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