VS’ Sexiest Record Wrap-Up

When 2011 is said and done, there can only be one that surpasses all others. While there were 3 records that were rated perfectly this year and 2 that were as close to perfect as anyone could get, the process involved in picking the best of 2011 was as pleasurable as it was difficult. I want to personally congratulate the artists mentioned here today and thank you for your tremendous talent and dedication to your craft– You guys are the best of the best and it was a pleasure talking about all of you. And you, reading at home or where-the-fuck-ever, I want to thank each one of you personally for making what I do here worthwhile by stopping and reading what I have to say… even if it’s sometimes nonsensical, kiss-assy and occasionally mean as hell. I appreciate it. Thank you.

And the best of 2011 are:

10. Owen: Ghost Town  9.4/10

I Believe

9. Maritime: Human Hearts  9.4/10

It’s Casual

8. Alela Diane: Alela Diane and Wild Divine  9.5/10

Long Way Down

7. Teeel: Amulet  9.7/10

Galilean Moons

6. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart: Belong  9.8/10

Even In Dreams

5. Mogwai: Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will  9.9/10

 Letters To The Metro

4. Hooray For Earth: True Loves  9.9/10

True Loves

3. Com Truise: Galactic Melt  10/10


2.  A.A. Bondy: Believers  10/10

The Twist

And the Golden VS goes to…

1. Tycho: Dive  10/10


Honorable mentions:

Chad Valley: Equatorial Ultravox

Low: C’mon

Real Estate: Days