Singing The Eurythmics A Capella On YouTube

A few things have come across my desk recently that I’d like to mention… First, Lockerbie just released their first official video from Ólgusjór. The song is Laut and the video is awe-inspiring. Enjoy.

Capybara is set to release their 2nd LP on April 10th. Dave Drusky is easier to say than their name and at first listen, is also easier to listen-to than their debut. They’ll be playing this Thursday at the Official SXSW Showcase on the top floor of the Hilton Garden Inn at around 8:25pm.

Neighbor Crimes

And Finally, TOBACCO and Zackey Force Funk have teamed up to form a little band called DEMON QUEEN. They’re not on Facebook yet, so don’t bother looking… I did and all I found was a girl from Belgium who likes to sing The Eurythmics a capella on YouTube. So no, not the same thing.

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