Busta Fever With A Sundae

Since it worked out so well before, I’m featuring 3 videos from the past, present and future…

Past: I recently saw this video from Tragic Error posted by a friend and it amazed me for a few reasons: First, they were clearly well ahead of their time. Second, that dancing is a fucking tragedy in any era. So, good band name, I guess.

Present: If you’ve never heard of Death Grips before like I hadn’t, you may be a little confused by this. It’s as if Black Moth Super Rainbow and Busta Rhymes collaborated and left this video on our collective doorstep. But to fully appreciate it, you really oughta learn the lyrics and yell them incoherently along with him.

The Fever (Aye Aye)

Future: Speaking of Black Moth Super Rainbow, Black Moth Super Rainbow has announced that they’re releasing their first record in 3 years. This shouldn’t be a surprise since they already announced it was coming… even though they cancelled it and re-announced it was coming. But hey, who’s counting? Anyway, here is a preview of that album which will be released later this year.