Ben Browning: Lover Motion

Ben Browning: Lover MotionBen Browning is an electro artist from Melbourne, Australia. Ever since Cut Copy has come into the public eye, they’ve been well-received by the indie community and pretty much everyone in-between. It was only a matter of time before one of them branched off and went solo. Bassist Ben Browning is the first to strike out on his own and Lover Motion is our first impression.

When Zonoscope was released, it was clear that there were new and different influences driving it. So the question was, what exactly were their influences? Before anyone could wonder for very long, they took it upon themselves to release a formal mixtape entitled A Tale Of Two Journeys. Now, this was interesting… a collection of random, obscure songs by artists from the 70s and 80s… oh I’m sorry, that’s the opposite of interesting. I always get those mixed up. What I took away from it was that they seemed to like an unhealthy amount of disco and Fleetwood Mac. But when I heard one of them was releasing a solo record, my question was which were Browning’s contributions to that mixtape? As it turns out, it was probably the disco.

Lover Motion can best be described as New Disco, or nu disco if you’re cool. Whether it’s heavy on high hat, has guitar that’s a little more stacatto than usual or has a bass line that’s bouncy, it’s difficult to really draw this up any differently. The good news is that while there are songs that are clearly disco, this isn’t purely a disco EP. If it were, I probably wouldn’t be writing about it. ‘Night Dunes’ and ‘Bullet Island’ are much closer to earlier works by Cut Copy than their disco counterparts. And ‘Mistaken Images’ is closer to early 90s mainstream rock influenced by The Beatles than anything. But the reason this 5-song EP draws such strong leanings towards disco is because ‘I Can’t Stay’ and ‘Feels Like’ are so super disco, they overwhelm the others. For example, when ‘Feels Like’ begins, it sounds like he was listening to the Bee Gees heavily before he wrote the beats and rhythms. And even though ‘Bullet Island’ sounds much closer to a track taken from Bright Like Neon Love, it still has guitar lines that feel pretty disco-era.

Overall, if you can embrace a new iteration of disco that isn’t nearly as irritating as the original I might add, this is surprisingly good. Though my first impression was,”Oh shit, disco…” as I listened more carefully, I began to see what Browning was made of and what he brings to Cut Copy. Though ‘Mistaken Images’ wasn’t particularly impressive, the other 4 tracks are solid, beat heavy and each beautiful in their own way…8.2/10

I Cant Stay