David Bazan & Kadane Brothers Form Indie Super-Group

Today seemed like a normal day as I woke up, went downstairs to make coffee and checked my email. But as with many mundane moments in life, things sometimes have a way of changing in a hurry. As I opened my semi-monthly email from David Bazan and read through all the living room shows I would never be able to attend because they were sold out instantly, I scrolled down a bit and saw this:

“Some of you might be familiar with Will Johnson from his collaboration with Bazan in the Undertow Orchestra a few years ago. They are working together again in a new band called OVERSEAS with Bubba and Matt Kadane of Bedhead and The New Year fame. Stay tuned for more OVERSEAS news.”

Hmph, that’s weird. No wait… that’s not weird, that’s ridiculously awesome! If for some reason you’re not familiar with Bedhead or The New Year, they were only one of the earliest pioneers of slo-core. The New Year was slightly more upbeat, but they kept their slo-core roots well-intact and have stood the test of time pretty well. Take into account earlier works of Bazan(Pedro The Lion) and their stripped-down and basic sound, combine that with the Kadane brothers(Bedhead) and we just might have an indie super-group on our hands here. For those of you who aren’t familiar with any iteration of these guys, here are some early and current examples of both. Get excited, it’s okay.

The Rest Of The Day

The Bells

Plan B

Wolves At The Door


One Response

  1. Yes, the answer is B: RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME!

    I am listening to the new Overseas album right now. Tasty tasty stuff.

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