Hooray For Becoming Death Cab For Cutie

Today I have a few new videos that I’d like to mention for different reasons. NOTE: I wanted to include a video by Violens, but it includes a warning about seizures at the beginning and I’d hate for you to associate Violent Success with seizures, but Spinner? Fuck ‘em. So if you like strobe lights and wanna see it, you can watch it there.

First, we love Hooray For Earth here at VS. So basically any excuse to listen to one of their songs along with a video is good enough for us. Enjoy.

No Love

Ditt Inre is a dream pop duo based in Stockholm. Their debut comes out May 29th on Cascine and this is their haunting video for ‘Jorden’. Also, I apologize for using ‘haunting’ to describe something other than a house.


Back in 2005, I reviewed a show of Canasta‘s on another website… let’s just say I wasn’t that impressed. But as time has gone by, they’ve gotten better in a Death Cab For Cutie sort of way. It’s a decent song, but it takes a while to get going and makes for a 7-minute video. Feel free to skip around if that bothers you… I know I did.


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