Youngblood Hawke: Wake Up


Youngblood Hawke: Wake Up — I feel like this should be the soundtrack for every kid wanting more. For the kid who is aching to get out and experience life on their own terms. It’s hopeful. It’s ambitious. It’s pretty damn surprising that they aren’t more recognized by now. These Colorado-born musicians quit college and joined the LA music scene, doing what it takes to make it. After their first band, Simon and Samuel Martin started from scratch and developed something incredible: the perfect anthem for summer, which happens just around the corner for us Californians.

Describing their sound is all kinds of difficult! It’s juvenile in the best way possible – young, fresh, energetic. They classify their music as having, “elements of pop, rock, indie, dance, and even a little hip hop.” And for some reason, I keep picking up little bits and pieces of sound that remind me of MGMT and Band of Horses, which is not an easy thing to pick up! It’s incredible because as soon as I start to think they sound too familiar, they quickly change it up and keep me hooked. What I find the most marvelous about Youngblood Hawke is that I’m able to take something personal from each and every song. Music is so subjective that some just assume there’s only a few good songs on each album. But if you listen to Wake Up as a whole, you really get to feel this intensity their passion and in turn, you want it too.

There’s a specific lyric that will fit into your soul exactly where you didn’t think anything was missing. According to them, “sometimes, you’ll shine the brightest during your darkest hour.” Perhaps you’re searching for an answer to some random question, I truly believe that you can find it in music. You might even find it in their melodies. You should give this a try.

‘Rootless’ is the perfect way to introduce eager music mongers to something new and spectacular. I love that the opener isn’t ‘We Come Running’ only because that song has gotten some mega air-time lately. It continues on into the meat of the record with ‘Dannyboy’, ‘Glacier’, and ‘Sleepless Streets’, all of which give of inspiration, confidence and a desire to make something of yourself. I feel like every song was strategically placed and makes the entire record flow flawlessly. The ending of this album was phenomenal– It’s as if YBH put a cap on this little chapter of life and opened it up to something more all at once.

Here’s a fun fact to sum up everything about Youngblood Hawke: if you’re finding recognition in their name, then you’re right. YBH was named after the novel Youngblood Hawke by Herman Wouk. Samuel Martin describes the book in perfect unison to what he was experiencing in life when he read it. He knew there was more out there for him and he found it in music…9.5/10

We Come Running

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