Daniel Wade: Hyperconnector EP

Daniel Wade: Hyperconnector EP — I don’t think you’re ready for this. Daniel Wade parted ways with Treaty of Paris (we are all crying a little bit on the inside,) and dove head first into his new project. The first of four EPs slated for release this year, Hyperconnector EP, is fantastic. So many times a band member’s solo efforts cause cringing and groaning at the mere thought. You secretly cross your fingers and hope that they decide to go back to where they came from, and stick to making music with their band. Change is scary, but Daniel Wade is different in every sense of the word. The four songs that comprise this EP will make you thankful he has committed to the release of three more this year, and even that might not be enough.

‘This Sucker’s Electrical’ is, in fact, electrifying. Starting the EP off with a killer mantra, “I’m finished living in your world/I’m getting out now/I’m starting my own,” there will be no going back after this song. It simultaneously launches your brain into overdrive, and takes it to heights you didn’t even know you were capable of reaching. Daniel Wade says he loves loud guitars, drums, and sing-a-longs, and that is exactly what this EP is about.

Daniel Wade hits us just as hard with the second song, ‘Every Day’. It is ruthless and motivating. You will find yourself wanting to lose your mind and your way with Wade. In the grander scheme of things, sometimes you have to get lost before you can truly find yourself. Wade provides an excellent curator of your journey: “So you wanna start some fires/so you wanna tame some lions/crack the whip and make them yours.” Ending with a poignant plea proving this expedition is yours and yours alone, “good luck with going crazy.”

‘Morning Light’ is the best of the best. It perfectly and poetically sums up the fleeting nature of our lives: “we’re running out of time to waste.” Every chance you didn’t take and every opportunity you missed out on can be forgotten. Wade gives you a chance to realize what you’ve been missing, and gently reminds you that everything will be alright, if you just take this chance tonight.

If ‘Morning Light’ is the best on the album, ‘Baby, Move On’ is the unparalleled culmination. The dance-y beats cleverly conceal the discouraging subject matter, “That feeling in your check/the second guesses, the regrets/before the end you’re going to say you wish we never met.” You will find yourself singing along long before ever realizing what the song is actually about. By the time you do realize it, you are already hooked and replaying the song.

Let’s start counting down the moments to the next EP release…8.8/10 

Baby, Move On