The Limousines: Hush

The Limousines: Hush - ‘Love is a Dog from Hell’ sounds like a weird title. But the first track off of the latest album from The Limousines is a winner. Capturing perfectly the feel of what it means to be young and cautiously in love. “You say, ‘What should we do?’ I say we can do anything we want to… but we gotta be careful because love is a dog from hell.” As an introduction to their sophomore CD, it’s the perfect song to pull in both the old and new listeners.

The killer combo of Giovanni Giusti and Eric Victorino began in 2007, with Giusti producing and playing various instruments and Victorino providing vocals and lyrics. Their first full-length album, Get Sharp, was released in 2010 and was well-received, especially songs like ‘Very Busy People’ and ‘Internet Killed the Radio Star’. After the success of the first album they signed to a record label, but ended up getting out of that contract and making Hush independently. The results are phenomenal.

The Limousines have a great balance in their music. The first three songs are all slightly dancey, but have great lyrics, as well. The balance is also evident in the way they put their songs together. You can hear the indietronica throughout, but it manifests as ’80s one minute and then something totally fresh and new the next. The second song on the album is an ’80s worship song, but it is quickly followed by ‘Bed Bugs’ which is, like Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way. ‘Fools Gold’ is another hybrid piece that totally works. Listen for the saxophone riff in the middle – to die for! Another gem is the song ‘Haunted’. Vocal manipulation toward the end really pays off and the hook is killer, too.

“The devil’s in that little space between your love and you.” You will be completely blown away by the lyrics in the song ‘Little Space’. Listen to every word here, because every word counts. Instrumentally, it’s compelling, too; it sounds like the auditory representation of someone dragging along a ball and chain.

Unfortunately, some of the brilliance of the earlier songs wears off by the middle, making songs like ‘Undercover’ and ‘Wrecking Ball’ seem a bit trite. Things begin to sound the same by these songs and you’re looking for something new… and that’s when they hit you with the instrumentally-strong ‘Scream Please’. The lyrics and vocals fail to fully impress, but the music here is masterfully done.

Things come back together at the song ‘Grb 09042’. This is a song that doesn’t really offer much substance, but that you could listen to on repeat all day. Not too lyric-laden, but anticipatory and building in nature, it captures your attention, regardless. The album immediately transitions into ‘The Last Dance’, which is another near-perfect offering. Great lyrics, great instrumentals, great vibe. Just great. Finally, we come to the last song on the album and its namesake, ‘Hush’. It lives up to its expectations as one of the album’s finest. The comparisons to a “little wolf” in the song remind listeners of the Kavinsky hit ‘Nightcall’, as does the eeriness of the instrumental.

There was a lot to listen to on this album, but one or two to skip, as well. The Limousines have always been a complex band, and, breaking down their components, you can find things you didn’t expect. However, at this level of skill and experimentation, sometimes all of the pieces don’t quite fit. Sift through, take what you like and leave the rest… 7.5/10

Love Is A Dog From Hell

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