HARRISON: When It Rains

HΛRRISON: When It Rains – HΛRRISON is a funky hip hop new age album that will give you the utmost chill. It appears to be a collaboration of generations past. When It Rains is simply the love child of the notorious affair. It has the mellow guitar riffs of ’70s disco, harsh and dominating, but with an occasional scratch to provide the element of new age potential. The ’80s are cleverly blended in with synthesizers, an interesting mix intertwined with a touch of familiar hip-hop beats. Let’s be clear, this is not the loud and profane hip hop monotony the masses know. This is instrumental music with Donna Summer voice-overs scattered throughout. It resembles ’90s hip hop, where house music was a major player in the productions of beats, raw with its own unique personality, experimenting with the endless potential of music.

This underground hip hop sub-genre is so subdued compared to mainstream that it’s nearly incomparable. It makes for easy listening and fosters an appreciation for the genre that has been mutilated by bad mixing and lack of creativity. When It Rains is calm, subdued and willing to offer hip hop an obscure species, baring the origins of the genre. Each track on When It Rains is fairly unique to itself but still has a great cohesiveness. The album is fairly short: each track is about two minutes, with a great mix of different sounds but also a repetitive, chill back-beat to make for a great listen.

When It Rains begins with ‘Get Up’, a short jazzy intro, and transitions into ‘Bay Windows’. This track has a repetitive piano chord back-beat accompanied by catchy synth beats. ‘Come Closer’ includes a sultry voice and deep ’80s synth beats. ‘Dealing’ has a very breezy sound, somewhat ’20s sounding with the nickelodeon back-beat.  ‘Fresh Princess’ sounds like just that, a sweet and light piano accompanied by very young and fresh beats, definitely the princess of the bunch. Each song has such a rich sound and an excessive number of creative blends suitable for the listener tired of the same old in hip hop.

HΛRRISON provides a fresh sound for hip-hop in When It Rains, one that’s nothing predicable but almost dance-able with its house elements. It may be the house elements that take old and new to make an addicting listen. It is fresh, new, and an eclectic way to revive the old dusty vinyls with a fresh coat of twentieth century technology. It cracks the divide of generations, ripping it open and letting hip hop beats melt a mellow, repetitive piano piece, making it tranquil and chill… 9.0

You’re With Me All The Time

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