Chrome Sparks: Goddess EP

Chrome Sparks: Goddess EP- Well I never thought I’d hear a flexatone solo this week, but I’m very glad I did. Do you know how rare that is? This and many other musical surprises await the listener’s ear in Chrome Sparks’ latest release, Goddess EP. Here’s what to expect: cool rhythms, sweet synths, intricate composition, unusual instrumentation, and refined production. Not a whole lot else that you can ask for.

When I listen to this music I am reminded every so often of the musical tendencies and aesthetic qualities of other electronic musicians such as Royksopp, Burial, Flying Lotus, and Bonobo. This is a good thing, but I’m not saying that Chrome Sparks doesn’t have his own style, because he certainly does, and it’s wicked. In his music, the story progresses rapidly, not with huge changes of scene but with small heavily detailed moments that can easily pass the by the listeners perception unnoticed. The sound is very synth and percussion based and it’s not afraid to dip its fingers into other, more unconventional areas of instrumentation.

Although every track on this EP is amazing, the one that I find to stand out the most has to be ‘Enter The Chrome Forest’ because it implements sampled audio to generate a setting that is befitting of its title. Details like this which give a piece more a narrative element always strike me as indicative of an artist’s conceptual intention. It’s affirms the cerebral quality of the production and composition. The piece itself is very beautiful and filled with many different tones and colors, but the prevailing emotion is something somber and soothing. This overall mood is contrasted in the following track, ‘Lost in the Chrome Forest’, by an upbeat tempo and uplifting chords, and then again by ‘ZzzzzZ’ which has more of a hip-hop, slug-beat feel. No doubt, getting all these different styles back to back will keep you on your toes.

The EP wraps up with its titular track, ‘Goddess’, and it is just too cool for me to handle. It begins with a slow build over the course of a minute with quarter note bass drum hits help establish the setting. Within this cave-like atmosphere we hear rising synths, an arpeggiating bass line, and delayed mallet percussion. When we reach the climax around 1:48 wherein a militia of synths come down upon the listener’s ears the feeling is something like the last scene of an epic movie, it’s triumphant and overwhelming, as if everything prior to this moment was a set up for the finale. Very exciting stuff.

At only 26 minutes, this 6-track EP reflects Chrome Sparks’ versatility of style, pace, and mood. It’s a buffet for the ears. If you’re looking for that new thing to keep you excited and engaged, look no further than Goddess EP… 9.4/10

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