Colleagues: Parent’s House


In Colleagues’ new music video for their single ‘Parent’s House‘, the song title ties it all up into one nostalgic knot. Playing with suburban wistfulness and teenage romance, Colleagues’ promise to “take you to my parent’s house/no one’s gonna be around.” Their cheeky come hither lyrics are paired with sonic playfulness to match. A strong synth pop quintet, they’re able to rectify classic 80′s synth riffs and stuttering rhythm guitar while sounding fresh out of 2014. Paired with footage of Roy Andersson’s 1970 cult classic “A Swedish Love Story,” the glow of high school romance and shadows of eternal ennui compliment the music beautifully. The dream pop vocals are just far enough away to create an air of mystery, but warm enough to pull you right into the center of the sound. Colleagues are a pop act to watch with ‘Parent’s House debuting off of In Stereo Records.

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