Cage the Elephant: Take It or Leave It/Jesse James

A summertime single demands a certain level of optimism in its sound – a track that evokes the quintessential carefree days in the sweltering sun; a sound that Cage The Elephant achieves in their recent single release Take It or Leave It/Jesse James. The band released the single as a 7” vinyl for National Record Store Day on April 19. The title track, ‘Take it or Leave It’ appeared on their third studio album Melophobia. ‘Take It or Leave It’ is a fun, danceable tune about the proposition of a new relationship. Matt Shultz sings, “I’ve been tripping over you/So tell me something new/Take it or leave it” in the opening lines. A funkified bass line and poppy guitar riffs carry through the song, the instrumentals echoing the playful lyrics of the song.

The B-side of the single, ‘Jesse James’, is a previously unreleased upbeat rock pop track. Heavy handed drums race through the song, accented with staccato clapping and a strong rock guitar. Together, ‘Take it or Leave it’ and ‘Jesse James’ constitute a solid summer single, the former carrying the carefree weight of summertime, and the latter the night rally chant of all summer adventurers. The single is available only on vinyl, but proves itself  more than worthy of a trip to your own local record store.

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