Honeyblood: Killer Bangs

Honeyblood’s music video for their single ‘Killer Bangs’ is a lesson in simplicity. Like an idling summer drive through the neighborhood, both fast and lulling, the tune has a warm intensity. The video (Dir. Nicola Collins) has a DIY-feel to back up the duo’s noise pop sound. Shot in black and white and alternating between them playing their instruments and playing outside, it feels intimate through straightfoward lyrics like “I don’t wanna have to go without you/I made this with you.” Out of Glasgow, Stina Tweeddale and Shona McVicar have built some traction lately with an opening slot on Courtney Barnett’s tour. In classic garage rock style they feature guitar, drums and vocals. Their sound is tight but with freedom to roam. Just when a bridge would seemingly come around the corner, out of nowhere veers a surf-rock influenced musical interlude that slows down only to speed up for the final chorus. This moment in their song sets them apart and showcases their musical potential very nicely. The rest of the song is solid, but this part elevates the rest with its subtle change in pace and style. It shows what they’re capable of, and hopefully what the rest of their upcoming album will continue to expand upon.

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