Chromeo: White Women

Chromeo: White Women - Well, it’s time to go thrift shopping for that leisure suit you’ve just been dying to own. Chromeo’s latest album will have you digging some serious retro vibes. The Canadian duo, comprised of David Macklovitch (a.k.a. Dave 1) and Patrick Gemayel (a.k.a. P-Thugg), have a knack for creating electronic music that will make you trip the light fantastic. The band’s fourth album, White Women , is a great blend ’70s disco and ’80s new wave.

The 12- track album includes many songs that will give you the courage to bust out some of those hip dance moves you’ve been practicing in the mirror.

‘Over Your Shoulder’ has a certain boogie R&B sound to it. When I first heard it, I was instantly reminded of the 1980 hit ‘Fantastic Voyage’ by Lakeside. This is definitely the kind of song that would be featured on the musical variety TV show Soul Train if it was still on the air.

Another fun  track, ‘Sexy Socialite’, is a song that will probably make you think twice about such an individual. The song even lets the “sexy socialite” have her say during the bridge. Some of the lyrics include, “So why you coming at me, homie/With so much acrimony?/Your testimony’s phony/And the truth is you don’t know me”.

The song ‘Frequent Flyer’ is a catchy track that plays on the aspect of travelling by plane. The song is so dedicated to the flight experience that it even includes a voice-over of a captain’s announcement as part of the bridge.  If you’ve never been flown before, then do yourself a favor and let this song act as a guide for you.

The track ‘Ezra’s Interlude’, which features Ezra Koenig from the band Vampire Weekend, is just enchanting. Koenig’s voice is delightful and the piano in the background is lovely. This track is the twinkling star in the night sky that is the entire album. The only problem that I have with this track is that I wish it was longer, but I guess it’s not called an interlude for nothing.

Another song that had me over the moon was ‘Old 45’s’. It provides an interesting outlook on romance, love and finding the one. The best advice the songs gives is this:“If you think romance is getting old/Find an old jukebox full of 45′s/Pop a nickel in it and it all comes back”. To be honest, I’ve heard worse advice on the subject; it wouldn’t hurt to give this a try.

Overall, this album is thoroughly enjoyable. With Macklovitch’s smooth vocals and Gemayel’s skills on the synthesizer and keyboards, it’s no surprise that they make such a great musical pairing. For those of you who enjoy retro-inspired music, you should definitely check out this album…9.5/10


Ezra’s Interlude (feat. Ezra Koenig)

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