Gold-Bears: For You

Gold-Bears’ debut single ‘For You‘ is out and blooming. The song develops like a flower budding best under shade. It starts out with a ragged, pulsing edge only to reveal that it grows into tender petals just like any flower under the sun would. With the bare divulgence of the opening lyrics “You’re a mistake/You said on the phone last night,” and builds into a chant of the spiteful rebuttal “No, you never did anything for me.” The repetition of the last line adds that much more punch to the title of the song. Sonically, the song starts with casually agonized vocals with guitar/drums/bass and blossoms into a heart-bursting keyboard/xylophone twinkled realization. Based in Atlanta, this noise pop band packs soulful sentiments into succinct lyrics and tight punk-driven chord progressions into thoughtful pop explosions. Check out their upcoming album Disalliance out June 3.

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