Papercuts: Life Among the Savages

Papercuts’ (aka singer/songwriter/producer Jason Quever) self-directed music video for ‘Life Among the Savages‘ explores the kind of universally personal moments of ennui that mean nothing and everything. Contrasting shots of the zoo with intimate moments between friends behind closed doors, these savages are given a vulnerable glow. Jason Quever’s melancholic dream pop instrumentation compliments the mood generously. This sound is enhanced by arrangement contribution from Beach House’s Alex Scally. His lyrics wade openly in the verses but cut right through with the salty chorus lines “I’m hearing all the savages/life is a gas.” Like someone recounting a painful story for the 100th time, he both lets you in and skates over the significantly insignificant details. His vocals follow suit, knowing exactly when to play it cool and when to gently explode with a vocal crack here and there. This is a wonderfully wistful summer track that packs enough subtle bite to travel all seasons.

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