Minipop: Chances

Minipop: Chances - After listening to this EP, I couldn’t help but feel a little sentimental. Minipop’s Chances contains four tracks that are sure to touch the softest part of your heart. The band, based in San Francisco, formed back in 2004 and released their first EP, The Precious, the following year. They saw some success with the release of their 2007 album A New Hope, especially with the song ‘Like I Do’. Now, four years after the release of their EP Automatic Love , the band is back to creating music that soothes the soul.

The first track of the EP, ‘Chances’, is like sunshine in the hours of the early morning, refreshing and auspicious. The song contains a melody so sweet, you almost can’t help but become cheerful upon listening to it. The lead singer, Tricia Kanne, has a voice that is pure and captivating without demanding too much attention. To me, her voice has the same effect as watching ripples on water – absolutely fascinating.

The second track, ‘Rocket’, sounds intergalactic in some ways, based on its playful intro. The fact that the keyboards are more prominent on this track than the others helps it stand out on the EP. The song is mainly about closing one chapter of your life and moving on to the next.

The third track, ‘Say My Dear’, is smooth and mellow. The song contains interesting lyrics, such as, “I don’t know what to think right now/The ocean’s deep when you’re not around”. Near the end of the song, there is an overlapping of vocals that is sure to make you fall into a reverie upon hearing it.

If the song ‘Chances’ is like sunshine, then the last track on the EP, ‘My Love Will Last Forever’,  is like the moonlight that graces the night sky. The meditative song contains sincere lyrics such as, “You know I know nothing will last forever/But I love you, so we oughta be together/I know you know that my love will last forever”. It’s such a darling song.

The band has a sound that is reminiscent of ’90s indie pop bands such as Mazzy Star and The Sundays. Minipop’s soft melodies are serene, which will help put you at ease. They make the kind of music that isn’t very jarring, but still speaks to you in some way. The lyrics are easy to remember for the most part, conveying a lot of meaning in a simple way. If you’re looking for music to listen to while resting your eyes, then you might want to consider this…8.5/10



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