Pompeya: Night EP

Pompeya: Night EP — How often do you come across a Russian indie pop band? My guess is not very often at all! Today I present to you Moscow-based pop-fueled four-piece Pompeya, and their latest EP Night: Four tracks of 70′s disco/80′s new wave pop. Consisting of members Daniil Brod, Denis Agafonov, Sasha Lipskiy, and Nairi Simonian, Pompeya broke out of Russia with surprising force, infiltrating the realm of American indie pop with breezy and sunny beats. One listen to Night and you can see why – the music they create exists somewhere in between a dance pop disco and a soundtrack to a summer drive down the coast. It’s easy to see how quickly their well-executed pop spread around the world.

Night starts off with ‘Satellite’, an extremely catchy love song that stays light and airy – the funky bass jumps around multiple guitar riffs and various synth accompaniments. The song displays a cacophony of influences on the band (as does their Facebook page which you can find here) identified to the virgin ear as similar to M83, that foreign pop that harkens back to past generations of funk, disco and new wave. Pompeya, (unlike M83) provides a more organic sound, stripped of the overbearing electronics that sometimes dominate current pop music. The single off Night, ‘Satellite’ is a perfect example of this sound.

‘Does’ is a slightly slower-paced track that maintains the standard set by its predecessor ‘Satellite’. Like ‘Satellite’, ‘Does,’ seems to exist in a vacuum – it is nearly impossible to pin the song down to a specific time and place. Instead, the music that Pompeya creates is simple bliss, easy listening pop tracks that do not adhere to the current Americanized notion of ‘pop’ but instead create a space for themselves in the diversity of their influences. 70s, 80s and 90s sounds all come through within the music.

‘Night’ is a weekend party ballad, as the vocalist sings “Night will keep you in her eyes/ Night will catch you through her stars,” a testament to summer nights spent under the open sky. ‘Night’ is a track that appeals to the masses for the ambiguity of its genre, and the infinite possibilities for listening. The EP closes with ‘Lookout’ a track that breaks down frequently with simple drums and flighty synth. The new wave influence is particularly strong in ‘Lookout’ and it is a sound that Pompeya emanates well.

Pompeya – I am impressed! As a typically anti-pop listener, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed listening to Night, and will be looking for their releases in the future. There is no doubt these four Russian-born musicians will find success in the indie pop market here in America…8.4/10

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