Blackbird Blackbird: Tangerine Sky


Blackbird Blackbird: Tangerine SkyTangerine Sky, Blackbird Blackbird’s new album offers an alluring mix of R&B/hip hop influences, classic and electronic music, somehow ignoring the exploding trends of today while still showing off an original sound that fits right in. The first song on the entrancing collection is ‘Tangerine Sky’. Metaphorically I see it as that really popular guy in high school who wasn’t that good looking and never played football, but somehow was still the prom king. The beat is thought-provoking, but it can’t touch the honest words that are sung the lyrics, “I need you the most/I love you the most of all/Everything collapses, crumbling into nothing/but we still need to hold on to our memories” and are spread patiently throughout the title track ‘Tangerine Sky’.

‘Feel It In My Bones’ is my personal favorite song from the composition. It’s slow dreamy entrance brings you in and leads you to the smooth yet catchy chorus. The song lifts you up and then brings you back down again and again with seamless transition. This is thanks to Mikey Maramag, the man behind Blackbird Blackbird. He is a powerful wizard who controls all of the blackbirds…. Well, no he’s not, but it is the solo artist’s moniker. His style may be attributed to his pretty great and wide range of influences, from old favorites like Caribou to great raising talents such as James Blake.

The next track ‘Darlin’ Dear’ is definitely in homage to John Hughes movies. It would have fit right into Sixteen Candles. It’s soothing post-punk 80s melody will take you back. Following it is ‘There Is Nowhere’ which returns the R&B vibes forgotten in the previous track. The vocals are funky and high pitched as ever but the slow beat bursts with soul and emotion. The end is surprising and well timed. The sudden change brings another layer showing off Maramag’s talent.

‘Summers Almost Here’ begins with the noises of summer but smoothly flows into an upbeat rhythm until all of sudden somethings hits it and hundreds of noises collide into a rush of tones and melodies that blend unexpectedly together. A break comes, but it is short lived and those strange noises are thrown back at you expanding every second. The ending leaves more to be desired but the rest of the song stands up for itself. ‘Rare candy’ is another stand out track. The guitar brings a welcomed familiarity. Maramag shows off his lower vocal range and it adds a heavy but comforting touch to the breezy song.

‘Grow Old With Me (Don’t Let Go)’ is the final song on Tangerine Sky. It begins with a simple but happy beat before Maramag’s vocals enter the scene. His drawn out syllables are dreamy and soft. They change the feeling of the song but the beat does not get depressing. It works as the final song, ranging from quiet to electric but ending in the form of a drift away. Don’t forget to check out ‘Star Faces’ as well, it is a B-side for the album where Maramag turns it down a notch once again, but the track stays soothing and mysterious. It’s a great choice for listening to while studying to get you in the zone.

Tangerine Sky is the soundtrack to your dreams that won’t make you fall asleep. It has some pretty cool artwork too. Be sure to check it out…8.0/10

Star Faces

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