The Landing: We Are EP


The Landing: We Are EPThe Landing‘s new album is almost weightless. It’s as cool as a summer breeze, even its dance elements feel easy and low key. There is no darkness to speak of, only questions. The vocals are soft and high pitched and the rhythms are soft and hypnotic.

The EP is ushered in with hand claps and a hypnotic baseline. The song begins with a sample of someone asking the question, “who am I?” and proclaiming the question to be the “most fascinating problem in the world” because it is “so mysterious and so illusive” and with that the album has its thesis statement. The vocals are soft and they fade in and out of the light disco rhythm as they ponder our existence.

For a song called ‘Anxieties’ the next track is filled with optimistic imagery. The chorus itself is one of the most positive sentiments I’ve ever heard, “fall asleep just to wake up, still I don’t want to go to bed.” The only reason for sleep is to wake up and experience more “miracles”? The person who wrote appears to be exceedingly happy. The music that accompanies the thoughts is a nice throwback nineties dance rhythm. It is easy to picture Eric Nies introducing this track while neon donning dancers fill a warehouse studio with movement to this track or at least it is for me, maybe you had better stuff to do after school.

Perhaps it’s the name, but ‘Pale Blue’ felt somewhat Caribbean to me. It is not a reggae song, but steel drums would not feel out of place. The song has a weightlessness that conjures images of wind blowing through palm trees and linen shirts unbuttoned just a little too far down a torso. The vocals are joined note for note with keyboards and the whole thing just feels like a song you would hear on vacation.

‘Strange Charm’ slows everything down. It also expresses the first negative idea on the album. Even though it’s said with a soft ease, you actually do hear the phrase, “I’m terrified that we all know too much.” Granted not the darkest thing you’ve ever heard, but this album is so brimming with light positivity this stands out.

We Are‘s final track is its most organic. It features acoustic guitar in addition the album’s typical more keyboard heavy instrumentation. The live play, complete with the sounds of fingers running up and down the strings grounds the music and gives the album a more organic feel. The final idea is one of legacy. It’s an answer to the question asked at the top, “who am I?” The question is ponderous and difficult to answer, but in the course of attempting to answer it, make sure you “write it down”…7.7/10

Pale Blue

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