OK Go: Upside Out

ok go - upside out art

OK Go: Upside Out- Though the band Ok Go is often remembered for their elaborate and creative music videos, the masses seem to glaze over the talent that lies beneath the attention-grabbing videos. Hopefully that won’t be the case for Upside Out, a 4-song EP that is fun, lyrical, and genuine from beginning to end. The first song ‘Turn Up The Radio’ begins the party that is Upside Out. The song is edgy but still with that happy, pop vibe OK Go fans know and love.

The second song on the EP, ‘The Writing’s on The Wall’, is the lucky one chosen for the honor of an OK Go original music video. While it’s certainly not dancing on treadmills, it’s still pretty great. The band members trip you out while blending in with the walls and messing up your perception with camera angles and mirrors- and a not so secret message that says “I Think I understand you but I don’t.” The song itself is simple and sweet. The chorus sings, “I just wanna get you high tonight/ I just wanna see some pleasure in your eyes.” The lyrics fit the beat since both are calming and pleasant but with an underlying desire that sets it apart from other songs like it.

‘I Won’t Let You Down’ somehow reminds me of The Jackson 5 without being cheesy or outdated. Maybe it’s the keys, the high-pitched vocals, clap tracks or a mixture of all three but the band pulls it off well. It’s hard not to move while listening to it and for the cherry on top the lyrics are sweet and caring. And if that’s the cherry than that must make the 80’s dance breakdown at the end the whipped cream (which on a side note really should be the name of a cheesy dance move).

The EP finishes with ‘That One Moment’. It’s an inspirational and empowering song about the weight that can be put on a singular moment. The song lifts you up with it. The chorus bursts energy singing, “This will be the one thing we remember/ This will be the reason to battle/ this will be the one moment that will matter at all” It’s like he’s fighting for a love he already has but knows she’s so special he better not let anyone else ever have her.

Upside Out is a great album that showcases once again OK Go’s talents in pop music. They are a band like no other who display their creativity in more ways than one. Not to mention the album name solves a problem my childhood mind always wondered, “What is the opposite of inside out?”…8/10

‘The One Moment’

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