Some Minor Noise: Anachronisms

Some Minor Noise: Anachronisms – An anachronism is “an act of attributing a custom, event, or object to a period to which it does not belong.” Usually this means that something is old fashioned or out of date. In the case of the new album from Some Minor Noise, I believe it can only mean that this is a glimpse into the future. Anachronsims is an angry, emotionally baring look into the mind of its creator and it features sounds and styles that feel new and yet completely ready to be enjoyed.

The opening track, ‘Falling Off’, is disturbing. It feels like your inner voice telling you things you don’t want to hear, like anti-motivational speaking, “when you can’t hold back because all you see is past”. In the second half of the song the tempo really picks up and you might find yourself actually moving to the disturbing thoughts you don’t want. ” “You’re out of your mind” “It’s all in your head”, but that is somewhat the crux of the entire album. There is not one song on the album that won’t leave you at least bobbing your head, but there also isn’t a song on the album that taps into the darker side of psyche.

‘Deadhead’ is an onslaught. The music is as overwhelming as the engrossing as the “passive aggressive affection” caused by the “passion, aggression, attention” manifested by “making you angry then making you want me”. The emotions are high, the tempo is fast, and there’s barely time for the reflection featured in the previous track. The harsh sentiment of “two hearts beat until one breaks” is just awesome and the music is simply spellbinding.

The dance music emphasis goes up a notch for the tracks ‘Organ Pains’ and ‘Tape Experiments’. Both of the tracks are overall much lighter song that the two that preceded them. There is a distinct emphasis on the dance tempo. ‘Tape Experiments’ examines the feeling of being in the middle of a party that’s not quite working out, “the night is young, but it’s getting old…everybody wants to go, nobody wants to go home”

My favorite track on the album is definitely ‘Hitching’. It’s awesome right from the beginning with the sped up sample. It follows ‘Tape Experiments’ perfectly where “everybody wants to go”, how are they going to get there? ‘Hitching’. The constant play with speed seems to have some correlation with the title. “Lost a friend in the translation”.

‘Melting’ is uptempo and another very dance-y song that examines the details of being the other woman. In it the song history and the chorus repeats itself with the only the subject changing. In the beginning she’s in the room while he’s telling “her” that “he’ll be home soon” and that he’s “having a good time”. In the second verse the singer is hearing the same lines. She’s upset and doesn’t want to face the truth, “I didn’t want to face facts, I should’ve seen it coming” He turns it back on her, but her final response is, “If we’re cut from the same cloth, then I’d rather go naked.” ‘Carbon Monoxide’ continues a theme of regret. It slows it down considerably and is all about a “head on collision” that apparently could’ve been avoided. “Going strong among misconceptions” the problems repeat, “same shit, new day”. In the end, “you can’t get away without getting burnt, you’d think you’d learn”.

‘Instead of Showing Up’ features a beat unlike almost anything I’ve ever heard. It’s explosive, jarring, and great. Much like ‘Hitching’, samples and the speed of the samples is used in really interesting ways. The whole song sounds completely creative and fantastic and features an alternative to the actions and pain created in the two songs that preceded it, “giving up on the ground”. It’s not quite, hang in there baby, but it is a solution and anything that sounds this good is worth some consideration.

‘It Never Ends’ continues the audio onslaught theme. The keyboard volume is turned all the way up and fills your ears with increasing passion until the beat drops with an explosion of bass. You’re completely engrossed and if you love it as much as I do, you’re in luck because, “it never ends”.

The final track is something of a mystery for me. It’s a fast laundry list of disturbing stream of conscious issues, “suicidal tendencies”, “mistake apathy for empathy”, “plastic hospital wristband”, “miss, take these pills to help you sleep”, and to “weak to sleep and to asleep to feel” and at the end we hear the line “this is Madison at its best, I’m not quite alive, but I’m not dead yet” repeated. As someone who lived in Madison for a couple years I was left perplexed. I’m sure there’s some explanation, but I’m not sure what it is. Did this Toronto band have a spell in Madison? Who knows, all I know is that, when you’re done listening to this album, you feel like you’ve heard something new, passionate, and great…9.5/10

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