Since 2010, Violent Success and their award-waiting journalists had been following independent music in all its forms. They tirelessly fought and stepped on anyone who got in their way in pursuit of the most cutting-edge and innovative artists and would do it again if they had the chance. Why? Because you, the reader depend on them. Why? Because they care about what enters your ears and makes you happy. Do other indie music websites care? Well, they say they do, but all you have to do is scroll a bit to see an entire article on Lady Gaga or Lil Wayne to know they’re full of shit. Violent Success, on the other hand, remained in a committed relationship with you, acting as your bridge between the indie world. They didn’t sneak in a story about someone you don’t care about because they realized why you’re here. Violent Success only continued to grow with your readership and they never betrayed your trust or took it for granted. At the end of the day, you want music recommendations from music nerds who live and breathe independent music… welcome home.

Answers to frequently asked questions
No longer a functioning website. Based in Chicago– Former writers in Chicago, Brooklyn and Los Angeles, respectively. No they’re not, but thanks for asking. Wildly successful in an Austrian accent. Love and presents on Christmas morning. 12 hours on Sundays. Gluten free.

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