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Perfect Pussy: Say Yes to Love

Perfect Pussy: Say Yes to Love — You’ve undoubtedly heard by now of Perfect Pussy, whether you plumb blogspot music boutiques or Spin magazine. You’ve undoubtedly heard of the blistering live show, heard arguments of the implications of their gendered/ungendered punk, and as a latecomer to the party (and you the late reader) I feel [...]

Let’s Wrestle: Let’s Wrestle

Let’s Wrestle: Let’s Wrestle- If Let’s Wrestle aren’t already the men you’ve grown to love, soon you may have a change of heart. With a gnarled paintbrush in one hand and a brimming cup of caffeine in the other, the lively Londoners paint particularly drippy watercolor pop-rock songs inspired by Eddie Argos’s school of mundanity-inspired outsider [...]

Wild Beasts: Present Tense

Wild Beasts: Present Tense – The mark of a great band, in my opinion, is one whose formula is so unmistakable that you never find yourself saying, “Oh, this reminds me of so-and-so” when you listen to them. British art rockers Wild Beasts are nothing if not unmistakable. Even when they burst onto the scene [...]

Each Other: Being Elastic

Each Other: Being Elastic – This is Each Other‘s third album to date, and I have to say, I’m rarely so bewildered on the first listen. The first thing through the door is an alienating bass ditty straight out of Black Dice’s electronic experimentations, but before the weird hits the swelling point, it mellows out [...]

Bibio: The Green EP

Bibio: The Green EP – Blame it on the skinny jeans/emo phase I went through in college or, blame it on the sappy love songs my parents made me listen to when I was kid, but I’ve personally always gravitated toward music that conveys a lot of emotion.  Back in 2011, English music producer Stephen [...]