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Sara Jackson-Holman: Cardiology

Sara Jackson-Holman: Cardiology - Sara Jackson-Holman‘s latest album is the definition of ambitious. From the very first track you notice that there is a marked attention to a more complex production technique. Her first album, When You Dream, while passionate and moving, relied quite heavily on the singer/songwriter’s skills behind the piano. This album goes in [...]

The Limousines: Hush

The Limousines: Hush - ‘Love is a Dog from Hell’ sounds like a weird title. But the first track off of the latest album from The Limousines is a winner. Capturing perfectly the feel of what it means to be young and cautiously in love. “You say, ‘What should we do?’ I say we can do anything [...]

Jack Beauregard: Irrational

Jack Beauregard: Irrational - It’s one of the greatest cliches of all time. I’m pretty sure newscasts aren’t allowed to conclude until this is uttered at least once. That cliche is, of course, “in these difficult economic times.” Have I sufficiently acknowledged my short comings as a writer? I hope so. Presuming that I have, I [...]

Norrit: San Francisco (Part 2)

Norrit: San Francisco (Part 2) — The new release from Kansas City DJ, Norrit is an action-packed combination of lethal drum beats, and off kilter chord synths warbling in the back of your mind like going to a dance party only to realize after arrival that you took a little too much acid before you [...]

!!!: THR!!!ER

!!!: THR!!!ER — If disco is dead, if reverb sax solos went the way of Reebok Pumps and Trapper Keepers, and if funky bass lines are played out – nobody told that to California’s !!!, the dance-punk band captained by Sacramento native Nic Offer. Their latest album, THR!!!ER, is rooted in pre-Y2K groove, a danceable [...]