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Craft Spells: Nausea

Craft Spells: Nausea- In my research leading up to this review, I came across a list; a list consisting of 11 words from other languages that have no direct English translation. A few examples include the German word “waldeinsamkeit” (say that five times, fast) which describes the feeling of being alone in the woods or [...]

Kishi Bashi: Lighght

Kishi Bashi: Lighght- Sailing in on a gust of psych pop glory, Kishi Bashi brings an album that is at times danceable and other times contemplative, awash in lush orchestration. Kishi Bashi is the solo project of K Ishibashi, who adopted the moniker while forming his new solo outfit. Lighght is Kishi Bashi’s sophomore album [...]

Pompeya: Night EP

Pompeya: Night EP — How often do you come across a Russian indie pop band? My guess is not very often at all! Today I present to you Moscow-based pop-fueled four-piece Pompeya, and their latest EP Night: Four tracks of 70′s disco/80′s new wave pop. Consisting of members Daniil Brod, Denis Agafonov, Sasha Lipskiy, and Nairi [...]

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart: Days of Abandon

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart: Days of Abandon- Sweetness for days, and would you expect any less from an indie pop group whose own name comes from a children’s book? New York’s Pains of Being Pure At Heart have always found themselves at the middle ground between twee and shoegaze influence and unsurprisingly [...]

Say Hi: Endless Wonder

Say Hi: Endless Wonder- The 80′s were a time of transition in the music scene.  With the developments of new technologies, sounds, beats and musical landscapes were being forged that were never before possible.  But yet, even with the technological progressions, many musicians, it seemed, weren’t able to always get the desired effect they were [...]