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Sea Wolf: Song Spells No.1: Cedarsmoke

Sea Wolf: Song Spells No. 1: Cedarsmoke- The first in a series, Sea Wolf‘s new album Song Spells No.1: Cedarsmoke proves a successful start for the sole singer/songwriter project. California native and singer Alex Church decided to forgo working with a record label with this last release and turned to his fans instead to fund [...]

Stagnant Pools: Geist

Stagnant Pools: Geist – Indiana two-piece Stagnant Pool‘s musical influences are easily heard through their music, particularly on their latest album Giest, (giest being the German word for spirit or ghost). The two members of Stagnant Pools are brothers Doug on drums and Bryan Enas on vocals and guitar. Geist comes two years after their debut album Temporary Room released [...]

Kishi Bashi: Lighght

Kishi Bashi: Lighght- Sailing in on a gust of psych pop glory, Kishi Bashi brings an album that is at times danceable and other times contemplative, awash in lush orchestration. Kishi Bashi is the solo project of K Ishibashi, who adopted the moniker while forming his new solo outfit. Lighght is Kishi Bashi’s sophomore album [...]

Margot & the Nuclear So & So’s: Slingshot to Heaven

Margot & the Nuclear So & So’s: Slingshot to Heaven – Since 2005, folk rock collective Margot & the Nuclear So & So’s have been supplying deep, thoughtful and probably slightly weird listeners with a seductive brand of hauntingly melancholic tracks. From 2008’s ‘A Sea Chanty of Sorts’ to the ever-popular ‘Broadripple is Burning’, which [...]

White Reaper: White Reaper

White Reaper: White Reaper — The classic punk number is a single scrap of an idea captured in about 2 minutes (3 more recently, advances in technology, y’know); the lengthier the track is, the more it runs the risk of proselytizing, of *gasp* believing in something, and hence shattering the illusion that the present moment [...]