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Tiago Iorc: Zeski

Tiago Iorc: Zeski — It sounds like the sun when it begins its ascent over the horizon. It feels like waves crashing against your shins while the wind picks up your hair. You can’t help but feel a tinge of nostalgia as the songs thread through such a wide range of emotions. It bears resemblance [...]

Cayucas: Bigfoot

Cayucas: Bigfoot — A staple of my childhood was the sitcom vacation episode. It was all of the characters you knew and loved, but now they were in a new and tropical locale. Unfortunately, they weren’t always that magical. Sometimes, Disney would attempt a little cross marketing and the Tanner clan would head to Walt [...]

The Smiths: The Pablo Cuckoo Tape (1983)

We don’t usually do things like this, but since this is clearly 30 years old anyway, we’re doing it. Somewhere, somehow The Smiths‘ first demo emerged recently and gave us the first peek at what they sounded like at their most vulnerable, rawest, and… let’s say crummiest. While I’m relatively sure that someone will eventually [...]

Ducktails: The Flower Lane

Ducktails: The Flower Lane – Listening to Ducktails’ new album The Flower Lane, you start to get the sense that Matthew Mondanile, the part-time Real Estate guitarist and creative force behind Ducktails, is reaching for something outside his grasp. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that Mondanile‘s musical abilities fall short on this album. Far [...]

The Barbaras: The Barbaras 2006-2008

The Barbaras: The Barbaras 2006-2008 — For years there was a lost punk rock treasure hiding in Memphis, waiting to be released for the fans who wished it could. The moment arrived this past October, as the long-awaited full length from the Barbaras was finally revealed. As this new year begins, let’s look back at what the [...]