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Kishi Bashi: Lighght

Kishi Bashi: Lighght- Sailing in on a gust of psych pop glory, Kishi Bashi brings an album that is at times danceable and other times contemplative, awash in lush orchestration. Kishi Bashi is the solo project of K Ishibashi, who adopted the moniker while forming his new solo outfit. Lighght is Kishi Bashi’s sophomore album [...]

Matthew and the Atlas: Other Rivers

Matthew and the Atlas: Other Rivers – This album is a metaphorical exploration of what’s possible in life. Matthew and the Atlas often use nature as a stand-in for the complex emotional trappings that they feel in everyday life. With elements of bluegrass and synth pop, they weave their stories in a dream-like haze that is [...]

Triptides: Colors

Triptides: Colors - Triptides hails from Bloomington, Indiana – not the first place that comes to mind when listening to their latest EP, Colors, a six-track psychedelic symphony. Triptides consists of Glenn Brigman on vocals and guitar, Josh Menashe on bass and vocals and Josh Morrow on Drums. Colors is a substantial addition to the band’s discography, [...]

Tame Impala: Live Versions

Tame Impala: Live Versions – Last October, I was lucky enough to catch an otherworldly Tame Impala and Flaming Lips show at Terminal 5 in NYC. Looking back, I remember Tame Impala’s relatively simple set being visually overshadowed by The Flaming Lips’ overzealous theatrics including a surprise appearance by Yoko Ono herself. Now, I love spectacle as much [...]