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The Grand Opening: Don’t Look Back Into the Darkness

The Grand Opening: Don’t Look Back Into the Darkness - Sweden seems to generate really remarkable musicians and bands, such as Kings of Convenience, Lykke Li, Peter Bjorn and John, and Jens Lekman. Many of these musicians have gained considerable success and have managed to capture the ears of many Americans. The Grand Opening, which is [...]

Low: The Invisible Way

Low: The Invisible Way — Do you have the desire to be comforted? I’m not talking about your coworker extending an unsure hand to politely pat you on the back following a rough meeting. I’m talking grandma giving you a Werther’s Original while she tells you a story of when she was a kid to [...]

Lockerbie Chop Wood, Wait For January To Finally End

Lockerbie: Ólgusjór– When writing a sad song, there are a mountain of obstacles. Sentiment can be slippery. Dripping feelings all over the floor can lead to disaster. If you try too hard, things can sound forced. If you sound too damaged, it may be too much to stomach. A shortage of great sad songs means only [...]