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Perturbator: Dangerous Days

Perturbator: Dangerous Days- I had a thought unrelated to this review that I think applies. The majority of ‘artists’ are really just filler. They’re marginally good enough in talent or technical ability to be on the radio or known in their sphere of influence but don’t really contribute anything truly creative nor do they innovate. [...]

Dress-2-Kill: Fuck You, Asshole

Dress-2-Kill: Fuck You, Asshole — Nostalgia has a funny way of warping our perception of things. There’s a reason why the phrase “rose tinted glasses” exists. The love we have for things in our childhood or just things from bygone eras is a difficult animal to describe. Some things stand the test of time because [...]

Papertwin: Vox Humana

Papertwin: Vox Humana — I’ve said more than once that what’s most important to me in music is emotional content. Sure, an artist can understand the theory and the concept of the music. More specifically, a basic understanding of the keyboards and the software is all it takes for someone to start their journey to [...]

GosT: S/T

GosT – S/T – Within the synthwave genre, below the streets where outrun races, past mountains of synth, beyond the galaxies of ambient sci-fi sounds, light years past all the nostalgia and kitsch, lies a strange dimension of sound and inner vision. It’s a place beyond normal space and time, reachable only through dreams, inhabited [...]